"I was sick and you looked after me."
Matthew 25:36


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Uganda January 2023
   Sarah and Meredith Dressing Wound
   Pushing Truck
   Kids Chasing Truck
   Typical Drive Down Path
   Walking to Hut
   Windy Day in Village
   Another Hut
   Another Sad Story
   Ant Hill in Hut
   Child Head Family Tent Type Hut
   Cooking Fires at Childrens Ward
   Helping Families
   Lean To Hut
   Rachel Nails
   Sad Hut Again
   Tent Type Hut
   View of Hospital Quadrangle
   New OR and Chapel at Hospital
   Clothes Washing by Patients
   Ngetta Dispensary Food Giveaways
   Sunday Morning Church Service
   Girl Singing at Church Service
   Murchison Rainbows
   Top of Murchison Falls
   Truck Overturned at Karuma Falls

Uganda January 2020
   Cleaning Burn Wound
   Driving On Path
   Drone and Band Marching
   Jumping Rope
   Liz and Jump Rope Kids
   New Clothes from Meredith
   Small Hut with Cornstalk Walls
   Praying for Sick Boy
   Kim Playing in Band
   Kids Camp
   Dave Teaching Baseball
   Dancing with Singers
   Choir Practice
   Water Source

Uganda January 2019
   Carlos the Mental Boy
   Childrens Camp
   Clydes Prayer
   Dresses for the Girls
   Games at Childrens Camp
   Girls Jumping Rope
   Greetings from Childrens Camp
   Homemade Jump Ropes
   Money for New House
   Slo Mo Jump Rope
   Spider Hut
   Finished Packing Food Bags
   Water Hole

Uganda January 2018
   Bunny Movie
   Christopher Thanks
   Elephant at Nile Landing
   Frisbee Hut Visit
   Hut Visit (2)
   Hut Visit
   Kids with Soccer Ball
   Making Bricks in Hot Sun
   Murchison Falls
   My Friend Bunny
   New Crutches for Marino
   Ngetta Dispensary Food Give Away
   Nightly Dinner
   Patient Transfer
   Prayer for Bunny
   Ruined Hut
   Singing in the Dark
   VBS Jesus Loves Me Song
   Very Bad Road
   Wasp Hut
   Working Out of Truck

Uganda January 2017
   Burned Hut Rebuilt
   Church at Atapara
   Clydes Prayer
   Puncture Repair
   VBS Singing
   Ngetta Dispensary Food Dist.
   Hut Visit Thrush
   Hut Replacement by Donations
      First Day Visits

Uganda January 2016
   Another Hut Repair
   Awaiting Free Surgery
   Ballons and Kids
   Burned Hut
   Carrying Menigitis Patient
   Depressed Girl
   Giving Bicycle to Harriet/Family
   Hut That We Paid For Repair
   Giving Out Clothing
   Inside One of Many Huts
   Lunch of Casava at Babies Home
   Bumpy Road to Massindi
   Paralyzed Woman from Last Year
   Mental Boy With Feet Tied
   New Hut We Paid for Last Year
   Very Premature
   Walking Back to do Hut Visit

Uganda January 2015
   Baggage Claim in Entebbe
   Bracelets for Kids
   Burned Hut for Harriet
   Cinderella Washing for Orphans
   Clothes for Orphans
   Clothing for Kids
   Coloring Book Camp
   Donations for Child LED Family
   Driving to Hut Visit
   Fresh Food in Atapara
   Getting Clothes at Our Quarters
   Helping TB Patient to Vehicle
   Hut Assistance
   Joy and Jugo
   Meredith's Prayer for Innocent
   Needy Orphans
   Neighbors Watching Hut Visit
   New Clothes and Burned Hut
   New Mother Education
   Another Prayer for Sick
   Prayer for Sick
   Rabbits in Hut
   Roadside Serenade
   Sick One Week Old
   Surgery Waiting Line
   Very Sick AIDS Mother
   Walker for Weak AIDS Patient
   Walking to Hut Visit

Uganda January 2014  
   New Born with Intestines Out
   Shopping Trip
   Family Visit
   Goodbye to the Children
   Old Woman
   Helping Woman
   Path for a Road
   Another Family Visit
   New Baby
   Church Service
   Mother and Children
   Receiving Medicine
   Sister Frances Giving Toys

Uganda January 2013  
   AIDS Clinic
   Dental Clinic
   Gifts for Grandmother & Orphans
   Giving Out Food
   Soccer Ball Give-Away

Uganda January 2012  
   If Love Were A Way of Life
   Client Visit

Uganda January 2011  
   Feeding Area
   JESUS Loves the Children

Haiti May 2010  
   Doc and Baby
   Flying over Port Au Prince
   Gospel in Creole
   Market Place
   Mountain Clinic
   Palace Destruction
   Tent City

Uganda February 2010  
   Deacon Movie
   Donation for AIDS Family
   New Orphanage Site
   Raising the Water Tank

Zambia May 2009  
   Arriving at Clinic
   Arrived at Clinic
   God Sends Oxcart
   Jesus Loves Me
   Prayer before Clinic
   Pushing Vehicle Daily
   Team Breaking for Lunch
   Well Water

Uganda January 2009  
   Children at Feeding Center

Zambia May 2008  
   Arriving at Morning Clinic
   Becky in a Crowd of Kids
   Boo's Pulling 3rd Molar
   Compound Fracture
   Falcon View
   Jesus Love You to Leper
   Worm Meds for Village Kids
   Zambezi from Lodge

Uganda January 2008  
   Arriving at Pope Johns
   Old Kitchen with Cow Dung
   Team preparing to leave Atapara
   AIDS Family with Clothes
   AIDS Twins Jumping Rope
   Dennis & Mike Pray with AIDS Pat.
   Sunday Morning Workship
   Karuma Falls

Zambia May 2007  
   Card from Becky
   Baptist Church Choir Singing    
   Victoria Falls
   Sunset at Victoria Falls

Uganda February 2007  
   Welcome to Aber
   Sunday Morning in Aber
   Church Introductions
   Pre Op
   Prayer for AIDS Patient in Hut

Uganda January 2006  
   Boy Without Legs
   Boy Walking on Hands
   Giving Blankets to AIDS Patients
   Minikulu AIDS Patients