"I was sick and you looked after me."
Matthew 25:36

Uganda Trip - Jan. 2015


Westminster Medical Missions 2015 Uganda Mission Team Report

On Saturday, January 17, 2015, a team of eleven people left for Northern Uganda for the 22nd year of Westminster Medical Missions trips to Uganda. The 2015 Westminster Medical Missions Servant team members were Dr. Bill Harden, Becky Harden, Dr. Doug Harrison, David Duritza, Tera Joyner, RN, Meredith Hayes, RN, Liz Myers, Brock Swanson, Mike Luginbill, Philip Christopher and Spencer Bell.

For the first year ever thanks to Liz Meyers and her son Cross, we held a coloring book clinic at the primary school and 150 kids came and had about as much fun as Liz and her team did. We spent a lot of time in the truck making home visits.

We were able to pay for 55 surgeries. We replaced termite damaged wood and torn mosquito screens.








We paid hospital bills for patients who had no money to pay their bills.

We visited Lira Babies Home and Ngetta Dispensary giving them beanie babies, clothes, food and medicine as well as medical supplies. We also visited the very sick children in the children’s wards.

We had clothes for infants and children donated by people in the US.








We visited all of the hospital wards giving food, toys, knitted caps, booties, blankets. We prayed with and for many of the patients there. Thanks to many supporters we had hundreds of rubber band bracelets to give away.

We paid to have several huts roofs repaired or replaced because of termite damage, huts that had been burned, and for the first time ever we paid to have complete huts built for families who had no home at all (usually about 300,000 Ugshs- $107).   We went to many “child led” huts where the parents had died and the children were there alone, without food or clothes. We repeated this scene many times and although we felt good about leaving them food, clothes and money nevertheless it was very sad and depressing.








The feeding center unfortunately is still in the planning stages, but we bought and packed over 450 bags of giveaway food that included handmade bags, sugar, beans, oil, posho and soap.








Again, what a blessing to see the joy on the faces of the team members as they distributed clothing, food, and blankets to newborns, patients on the wards, to a Babies home, at a dispensary and especially at the AIDS clinic and hut visits. We spent even more on food to give away this year than ever before.

We paid for transport many patients to be able to get to the clinic and/or transported to and for care that they could not get locally. We will return to see them next year to continue our support in other ways.

We thank each of you for your continued support. The 2016 Westminster Medical Missions Team trip to Uganda will be in January. We ask for your continued prayers as we continue to do the work that we feel God has set before us.

The covenant on our web site defines more explicitly what a Servant team is, but to remind you the first paragraph reads:

“As members of a Westminster Medical Missions Servant team, we are sent out in the name of Jesus Christ, to tangibly and effectively demonstrate the love of God, through our ministries of compassion. The goal of each team is to bring honor to Jesus Christ through all that we do and say while carrying out His command to love our neighbor as ourselves.”

Doctor Bill Harden, Team Leader