"I was sick and you looked after me."
Matthew 25:36

Zambia Mission May 31 - June, 2008


Westminster Medical Mission's  2008 Zambia team included Dr. Bill Harden, Becky Harden, David Duritza, Phyllis Bradley, Butch Bradley, Brad Bobbitt. Wendy Tharrington, Cindy Schellenberg, Veronica Rowland, and Boo Langford.   It was   the second medical mission team to go to Zambia to work with George Zulu and his Baptist churches in the Luapula Province. George and Astrida Zulu were our Zambia Baptist Convention contacts as well as old friends who accompanied us throughout the trip. Our attempts to hold a “street kids” ministry was unsuccessful from the beginning because of “red tape”.

During our twelve days in Zambia we travelled over 1,028 miles in our minibus and went as far north as one could go in Zambia next to the Democratic Republic of Congo border.   Fuel cost was over $1,000 for the entire trip with diesel costing $8-$10 per gallon.   At one stretch we rode in the van over 15 hours.    

Each clinic was opened by either George or another Zambian pastor telling them that we had come as believers to share the love and compassion of Christ .One of our team members would open the clinic in prayer.   All of the clinics were held in Baptist churches but there were no restrictions on who could receive free medical care.

Over a period of six clinic days more than 2,000 patients were seen, over 500 pairs of glasses were given out, cooking oil and cornmeal distributed,  clothes  and candy, toys, tropicals (flip-flops) and hats were also distributed .  With the assistance of Boo Langford, we were able to assist some patients with minor dental problems.

We assisted many people with medical problems ranging from Parkinsonism, a broken leg, a large tumor of the face, seizures, malnutrition, hydrocephaly (a “water head baby given money to go to Lusaka for surgical evaluation), and even giving financial assistance to the blind women’s group at Mufwaya Baptist church.

Many prayers were answered including safe travel, arrival of all of our bags, no team illness, safety for our loved ones at home, and most importantly seeing God in all we did.   We only lost one bag on the return flight. As with most mission trips several events occurred that we had not anticipated. The entire team felt that we were cloaked in a protective envelope of prayer during even the most stressful of times.

Please keep this team and the “next” team in your prayers as well as George and Astrida Zulu.   If the Lord continues to lead us into Zambia, plans are to return to Zambia the latter part of May 2009.   Our estimated cost per person will be ~$2500.   The team size will be ~12 people.   I encourage you to talk to the team members who have stepped outside of their comfort zone to see what God had in mind when he called them to go on a medical mission’s trip.

Dr. Bill Harden