"I was sick and you looked after me."
Matthew 25:36

Zambia Mission May 20 - June 2, 2007


Westminster Medical Mission's  2007 Zambia team included Dr. Bill Harden, Wanda Sohn R.N, Donna Barnes, Janet Curtis, Luke Huets Pharm D., Dr. Doug Harrison, Debbie Webb R.N, Sarah Rodes PA-C, David Duritza, Kelly Chadwick, Robby Jo Barton L.P.N., and Ashley Curtis.   It was to be the first medical mission team to go to Zambia to work with George Zulu and his Baptist churches in the Eastern Province. 

Over a period of seven clinic days more than 2,500 patients were seen, over 430 pairs of glasses were given out. Food bought locally, donated clothes from the US, and lots of candy, toys, tropicals (flip-flops) and hats were also distributed.   Dr. Doug Harrison not only worked in the medical clinics but also was able to do some surgery at St. Francis Hospital in Katete, Zambia.   Medicines, food, clothing and toys were left to be given to medical facilities and an orphanage.  

Each clinic was opened by either George or another Zambian pastor telling them that we had come as believers to share the love and compassion of Christ.   We spent two days at each of the first two clinics and one day at the three others.

We rented a 24 passenger bus for 1,000,000 kwachas ($250) per two days for our main transportation.   Snack type food was taken for most of our lunches and we stayed in different motels for our lodging and evening meal.   Many of the motels had electricity, some had running water, some even had hot water, and most had clean water, but only one had all of them at the same time.   Probably the best lodging was in a tent complex even though many of us had to sleep on the floor.  

Many prayers were answered including safe travel, arrival of all of our bags, no team illness, safety for our loved ones at home, and most importantly seeing God in all we did.   The sense of purpose and mission was felt by all.

Please keep this team and the “next” team in your prayers as well as George and Astrida Zulu.   As of now, our plans are to return to Zambia the latter part of May 2008.   Our estimated cost per person will be ~$2500.   The team size will be ~12 people.   I need a dentist to go as the dental needs are great.   If you have an interest or want more information, please fill out an online application or e-mail me. 


Dr. Bill Harden