"I was sick and you looked after me."
Matthew 25:36

Uganda Trip - Jan. 2009


On January 10th 2009  Becky Harden, and Dr. Bill Harden, Mike Nelms, Ray Collins, and Wanda Sohn  from First Baptist Church joined David Duritza, Clay Nelms, Larry Harden, Tim Wilson along with medical student Bryan Stonestreet to complete the 2009 Westminster Medical Missions team to Uganda.

We returned to Pope John’s Hospital in Atapara Northern Uganda. Before we got there, we had authorized them to purchase a new portable generator and welding machine. During the year we had also allowed them to almost complete their new guest quarters. Eight of our team members slept there this trip and it was wonderful. They still have no hot water or electricity without the generator for four hours a day.

While we were there we were able to: Pay for surgery for one hundred and fifty patients.    






Repair termite damage to the quarters, placed screens over windows in orphanage, sprayed for bats, repaired the AIDS clinic latrines, built shelves and repaired doors in the AIDS clinic, replaced broken windows, repaired guttering, repaired something’s in the convent, buy diesel and petrol.


Supplied a table saw, electric planer, and an electric painter for the hospital and orphanage and taught them how to use them.  We also bought more supplies to use for our projects.


Made many home visits where we gave them food, medicine, clothing and prayed with them all. We also assisted with rebuilding of damaged huts, provided blankets, and prayed.  

Took many medicines to leave with the hospital and clinic. We supplied medicine for patients with meningitis when the hospital had no medicine for them. We taught medical students how to do deliver medical care in places where the care in either poorly delivered or not delivered at all. We also paid the hospital bills for patients who had no money. We prayed.

Brought paintings and painted pictures on the walls of the orphanage, children AIDS counseling room, and pediatrics.


We bought beans, sugar, and cooking oil to distribute to the patients in the AIDS clinic and home visits. We visited daily a feeding center and supplied them with milk where there was none. We got to know the sick children, their families and their stories.    

The AIDS unit has been awarded the center of excellence for HIV/AIDS care and we are very proud of that.


Most importantly of all we shared the love and compassion of Christ to all we met. Please continue to pray for us, Uganda and the upcoming Zambia trip. If you would like to participate in one of our African medical missions trips, please fill out an online application.  

Doctor Bill Harden, President Westminster Medical Missions